About Asrar Al Tasmeem

About Asrar Al Tasmeem

ASRAR AL TASMEEM an upcoming IT brand is about creativity and effective work strategy.

We believe that every success in life has its own secrets, That is why ASRAR AL TASMEEM (Design Secrets) has the powerful meaning. We share a strong interest in the effect of the Internet on the way we communicate, learn, play and work. We share a desire to bring the best of the technology related to IT services to UAE (Homeland). Its Simple - You have a business, We have an expert team dedicated to help your business succeed.

Branding Services:

Website Design and Development.
Graphic Design services.
Hosting plans.
E-marketing services.
Applications and account system.
IT support services.

ASRAR Vision:

To become Leader in IT services in Gulf countries.

ASRAR Mission:

TO explore new ideas and ways to produce desired results to satisfy our customers.

ASRAR Philosophy:

Listen, Educate, Build, Create and Achieve the best.

We Listen carefully to our clients to understand their perspectives. We Educate them on current online presence strategies. We Build a high quality solutions to Create their own vision, in order to Achieve the best.

Our Team

we know how to surprise you


Highly efficient, proactive & professional approach.
On time delivery and presentation of all projects.
Use of modern software tools and technology.
Customer oriented company.
Cost effective and market competitive packages.

variety of services

variety of services provided by ASRAR , just to fit your business size and budget, enjoy your branding campaign with our service packages, each service we provide was created to match your vision and make it real. choose our services in order to improve your results and win a real customers.with ASRAR its easier to reach your dream.

Technical Support

you are always welcome to ASRAR host where you can enjoy our free technical support, our customers is value to us, that's why we develop our services in order to match their inquiry. if your website doesn't match your vision any more, ASRAR team is ready to re-design it, in addition all of ASRAR IT Support devices are provided with one year warranty.

Ahmed Meshref

No one do IT like ASRAR.

Under the shade of ASRAR AL TASMEEM, we determined to highlight and promote your brand identity. Branding is not what you say about yourself, Branding is what your customers think about you.

   Some may not recognize that the art of Graphic design is daily seen and appear in books, magazines, newspapers, printed media, websites, and gift packing, Its only simple expression about Graphic design, in order to deliver a certain idea, or a particular product trade mark in an attractive way at the same time.

     For those who believe that we have reached the top or the end of the way; they are mistaken. Because with all the advanced tools and technologies available at this point of time, we can achieve the best we can ever desire for. Hence, ASRAR is here to achieve the same with you. And that's why we believe No one do IT like ASRAR.

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