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Portfolio Photography

Portfolio Photography

A photographic portfolio is quite simply a collection of work. The common misconception is that it is required to be a 'best of' of all the work you've ever done. Although this can be true in some cases, it is more likely to be a series of work with a unifying theme, style or taken through a specific medium.

A portfolio is an opportunity for you to present your work, but it is important to consider what the portfolio is for. Are you taking it to a job interview, or are you looking to get your work exhibited at a gallery? Maybe you just want to bring your work together to present it?

Whatever the reason, it is vital that you create your portfolio with this in mind. A job interview might require you to display a variety of skills and techniques, whereas a collection for an exhibition would require a single unifying theme and will need to be presented with the gallery setting in mind.

In Asrar not only we consider you purpose but also we want to know whom your audience are, how you will send them your portfolio as we introduce the option of presenting your portfolio on a PDF, JPEG or through an online medium. Being able to email a link to your portfolio through to potential employers is obviously extremely convenient. We create a theme witch will match your vision and purpose, and make sure that the portfolio you did reaches to your targeted audience. 



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