Online store is one of those places that can boost your sales and get you more customers if designed, setup and optimized wisely.

Shopping on e-commerce website differs from one of traditional brick and mortar stores in that it doesn’t offer an opportunity to feel, taste a product.

A lack of trust to online stores can be another issue that may affect your sales.

You are not here to see how visitors leave your website without purchase.

It’s time to improve your e-commerce website and increase online sales from it.

These profit tips will help you to do it.

Design and content

Improving an e-commerce website design may be your first and the best way of increasing sales.

Make sure your website is neatly organized and has a nice color palette that will reflect your store’s theme and please client’s sight.

Product Photos

As I already mentioned, people don’t have an opportunity to instantly try out a product on an e-commerce store (music and movies are must be the only exception).

So you should provide them with the best, the coolest and the “tastiest” visual representation.

Give people an opportunity to look on a product from different sides, angles and perspectives.

If you offer clothes, show how they can look on a model. You need to offer such photos any user would say”Wow, I wish to buy it!”

Special Offers

Special offers are usually aimed at loyal customers. However, people who come to your site from search engines can also be interested in such offers.

Your task is making those promos clearly visible to your visitors. You can arrange special offers in the header or slider,

just make sure you don’t stun your users with dazzling lights, glittering letters and vibrant animations.

A prominent hero image with call-to-action button and short info about the offer is usually enough to persuade your visitors to check out the promo.


In fact, search engine optimization of an e-commerce website is a large topic that requires a standalone post.

here we give you a few the most vital recommendations on e-commerce site SEO that you should use in combination with traditional on- and off-page optimization techniques.

Keywords Research we mean, You should provide a careful keyword research for your product and category pages to avoid keyword spamming and not-relevant keywords usage.

Thus, many products may differ only in colors or size variations (like black and red shoes or tablets of different screen sizes).

Rank these products for proper keywords to avoid duplicate content and various misconceptions.

Internal Links

Managing internal links of an e-commerce website is not just about making them search engine crawlers-friendly.

It’s more about user-friendliness. Offer a categories-based navigation to let users easily find what they need.

Link between category products to offer users more choice of products. Don’t forget about breadcrumbs navigation.

It will be helpful not just for your visitors but for search engines that can navigate your website categories easily.

Add Live Chat

Live chat option is a perfect solution for turning visitors into buyers.

Thus you make your visitors stay on your website and solve their problems instead of leaving it with bad experience.

The faster visitors get service them more they are likely to purchase or engage with your brand. Additionally, most users don’t like calling on phone if they have questions.

Live chat can become a great solution in such cases. And of course, there are more chances that you can convince a user to buy from you during a live chat.

Here you can find a few recommendations on how to add a live chat service to your website.

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